Once you have added your broker credentials with Inuvest.

Once you have added your broker credentials with Inuvest.

Safe integration of broker details doesnt just stop there. One should know following technical protocol to keep the integration work seamless.

January 11, 2024

After you have added the broker credentials, it requires a TOTP based login for the Cubes platform to access your broker account. This is done every day in the morning before trading session begins and positions are checked for any discrepancy continuously.

Please note, that if you are logging in to your demat account manually, you should login using the totp method only. If the user logs in to his broker account not using TOTP based authentication, the automated totp based authentication gets overwritten and eventually disabled.

It will require the user to generate a new TOTP key from the broker side and update the credentials in Cubes platform.

Secondly, the user is required to update the credentials in case of any changes. Eg, if the user has changed the broker account password, he is needed to update the same with Cubes platform.

The same applies to TOTP key change and any other credential change which is usually done on a time to time basis.

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