How does a Cube operate?

How does a Cube operate?

What happens behind the curtain when you subscribe to a Cube.

January 11, 2024

When you subscribe to a Cube, based on your preferred theme and strategy, if the required margin is available in the connected broker account, the Cube will start operating.

It will compute the entry and exit signals at a defined interval. On each signal, the platform would securely route the order to your linked broker account to buy/sell the instrument of that specific cube. Please note, the selection of the instrument to trade is also done automatically by the Cube.

For every signal triggered in Cubes, a corresponding position is created in the broker account. Simultaneously Cube also records each transaction to keep a track of executed positions, so that the Cube does not send a duplicate order.

The user can view the Cube in the ‘Portfolio’ section.

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