What are daily Live running tasks for Cubes?

What are daily Live running tasks for Cubes?

Get to know the array of processes our platform undertakes before every trading session.

January 11, 2024

The user should be informed of the simultaneous processes the Cubes platform runs to keep the trading operations seamless:

1. API token generation: Every day at around 8 am, our platform initiate integration with users' broker account and generate token for seamless connection throughout the trade session. This given a notification to the user.

2. Broker Integration: In case of any error, either from Broker API or user credentials mismatch, the user is notified and is expected to rectify promptly.

3. Validation check: Throughout the trade session, the platform keeps a check on the positions and marks any discrepancy in the positions just to avoid scenarios in case of any unusual trigger/slippage. The user is notified in such case and is expected to clear the discrepancy promptly.

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