About us

About Inuvest

At Inuvest, we are at the forefront of a trading revolution, where cutting-edge technology and deep financial expertise intersect.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet transformative: to empower traders and investors with the tools and strategies they need to thrive in today’s dynamic markets.

Our Vision

We envision a world where trading is no longer bound by human limitations, emotions, and biases. Through meticulous research, relentless innovation, and the power of automation, we are reshaping the landscape of trading. Our goal is to enable traders to seize opportunities with unwavering precision and discipline, ultimately realizing their long-term objectives.

Revolutionizing Trading with Cutting-Edge Product Suite

Discover a world of possibilities in trading with Inuvest’s three dynamic products that empower traders at every level, from options analytics to algorithmic trading.


Algo Trading Simplified

Unleashing trading potential without any coding know-how. Inuvest’s ground-breaking platform equips traders to design, test, and automate trading strategies using an intuitive, no-code interface. Explore tools like a powerful screener, Python script generator, back testing, paper trading, and seamless live execution. Elevate trading efficiency like never before.


Finely curated quantitative models

Dive into the world of well-researched quantitative strategies in both equity and derivatives. Cubes are a cutting edge, meticulously crafted quantitative strategies that gives a competitive advantage in the market.


Mastering Options Analytics

Elevating options trading game with 1lyOptions. This user-friendly yet robust platform empowers options traders to construct intricate strategies, gain invaluable insights, and expertly manage risks. The platform offers both pre and post-trade analytics, granting the tools to navigate the complex world of options trading with confidence.

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